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The Environment

Pure Air Cleaning is working towards achieving accreditation to ISO 14001 environmental management certification. We are working to implement an environmental management system based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2004.

The accreditation will confirm our commitment to corporate responsibility by minimising the harmful effects our activities have on the environment. Pure Air Cleaning is establishing environmental objectives and targets to be measurable and consistent to ensure continuous improvement of the company's environmental performance.

We are the only cleaning contractor in the UK to use the amazing Rainbow vacuum system.

The entire Rainbow system is RoHS (the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in the electrical and electronic equipment) compliant. This means the product contains no hazardous waste materials defined by Eu­ropean standards.

While most vacuum cleaners are designed for a three-year product life cycle, the Rainbow is designed for a life­time of use with the switch reluctance motor and robust materials. Its motor uses only half the power of conventional vacuums, resulting in a real cost saving in our Clients electricity bills.

The Rainbow is manufactured by Rexair in a very low impact, near zero emission facility in Michegan.

Most cleaning chemicals are simply tap water with a high concentrate of harmful chemical injected into each container. Transporting these water based chemicals around the UK, from manufacture point - distribution depots - supplier - cleaning company - end user is not an efficient or enviromentally friendly way in which to transport cleaning solutions.

Conventional toilet descaler contains phosphrus acid which is extremely harmful to the environment.

Pure Air Cleaning develop cleaning fluids which are not harmful to the environment and which do a good job. Rainbowclean for example is a highly concentrated cleaning solution which cleans and disinfects every surface. One 5 litre container of Rainbowclean is all you need to clean a 35'000 square foot office building for an entire month.  It is the only product avaliable which contains no soap. Soap residue attracts dirt. If you are daily cleaning with a product which contains no dirt, cleaning will be easier and will achieve better results.