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Challenging industry accepted practices and procedures to come up with innovative and creative solutions for our Clients

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Delivering quality is an integral part of our commitment to providing a service that will meet and exceed our Clients expectations. Our aim is to ensure our Clients receive services that completely satisfy their requirements by ensuring the right quality service is provided, at the right cost in the agreed timescale.

Pure Air Cleaning use's key performance indicators (or KPI's) to spot trends, check progress and find answers. Good use of KPI's enables right decisions to be made at the right times.

Visualising performance data when it is presented in an excel spreadsheet or pure data format is often hard. Turning this data into something visually meaningful that provides answers can be difficult.

Our bespoke online software takes this core data and in minutes provides graphical visualisations of our performance, enabling us to spot trends, check progress and find answers, allowing us to make quicker, better decisions.

We can securely share this information with our Managers, enabling our people to quickly and effectively make decisions and take action before it effects our Clients core business.

All our performance information is available in one secure place.






Pure Air Cleaning's Quality Management System is in the process of continuous improvement but not currently accredited to BSI  ISO 9001 standards. However, they are of very similar standards and we are currently working towards achieving ISO 9001 accreditation.