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Our housekeeping services provides exacting standards of cleanliness and profesionalism.

We can provide your business with a range of housekeeping services, from temporary employees to permanently assigned teams that integrate with your own employees.

Our bedroom cleaning systems, specifications and methods are state of the art. We use the incredible Rainbow cleaning system which achieves a near perfect standard of cleanliness and creates an almost dust free environment.

The Rainbow Vacuum is the only vacuum in the world that has been tested and is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Association of America.

All our cleaners are vetted, trained and uniformed. They display utmost profesionalism and achieve an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness.

In addition to housekeeping management, we provide housekeepers, training supervisors, attendants and linen porters.

By removing the management time needed for overseeing day to day cleaning you free up your time to run your hotel.

Our managed cleaning services are competitively priced and may be cheaper than employing your own cleaning personnel.