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Challenging industry accepted practices and procedures to come up with innovative and creative solutions for our Clients

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Contract Cleaning

Pure Air Cleaning are experts in the field of providing and managing high quality, high standard cleaning services to retail, leisure, education and military establishments.

Good cleaning standards are a critical component to any commercial environment. There is no better statement about your company than providing your Customers and Staff with a clean hygenic environment in which to work and conduct business or be entertained.

PAC provides a high quality creative and innovative cleaning service. We do not believe in scratching surfaces or using harsh cleaning methods. The kinder and gentler you are to a surface that needs cleaning the longer life that surface will have and the better results you will achieve.

Abrasive cleaning techniques simply scratch surfaces. These scratches harbour dirt and detergents and make it harder and more labour intensive to clean next time, not to mention damaging the surface causing a shortened life cycle.

Cleaning is a very important service to any building, but especially where the cleanliness of your premises is critically important to satisfy your Customers and Employees.

Our Operatives undergo induction training and performance evaluation processes. This allows us to ascertain their ability and understanding of the jobs we ask them to do. After the intensive induction training we have capeable and motivated cleaning operatives who know how to clean well and integrate into our company as part of a team.

We create a bespoke cleaning specification, method statement and checklists for each of our Client premises. This specification includes method statements of how each surface should be cleaned and the frequency each surface area should be cleaned.

All the cleaning we do is quality assessed, scored and audited to ensure our Clients receive only the very best cleaning service.