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Apr 10, 2013

Incredible Rainbow

Pure Air Cleaning is pleased to announce that they are the only commercial cleaning company in the UK to provide their Customers with cleaning services using the incredible new Rainbow Vacuum System.

If you take cleaning and the cleanliness of your workplace seriously it cannot be overestimated how beneficial the Rainbow System can be. Whilst cleaning the system filters the indoor air. It produces a level of cleanliness never seen before with conventional cleaning.

This is the only cleaning machine in the world that has been tested and is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Association of America. Indoor space becomes virtually dust free.

It is indoor dirt, dust particles. dust mites, dust mite waste and pet dander which, when airbourne, can cause problems to people with allergies and asthma. Conventional vacuum cleaners cause indoor air quality to deteriorate by sending millions of harmful particles into the air. This can be seen in direct sunlight as common dust particles. Once breathed in these can cause breathing difficulties.

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