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Apr 4, 2013

Turn off that vacuum !

Conventional vacuum cleaners are the most polluting piece of cleaning equipment you can use.

Today's Hepa filters go nowhere near the problem of eliminating the harmful bugs and bacteria that vacuum cleaners spread into the indoor atmosphere of a building.

Not since Hubert Cecil Booth invented the motorised vacuum cleaner in 1901 has the vacuum cleaner changed in the fundimental way it works. Air is sucked in and this same air is pumped out.

Unfortunately, because of how well insulated the modern building is today, indoor environments have become a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes.

We all believe if a vacuum has good suction, then it must be a good cleaning machine. Unfortunately suction has nothing to do with cleaning. Vacuums need airflow. But trying to get good airflow from a vacuum that uses filters is a non starter because filters get blocked within seconds of being used. The suction is still there but airflow stops. You are no longer cleaning, you are in fact just wasting your time.

A new way to approach vacuuming is needed !