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Apr 4, 2013

Amazing Rainbowclean announced

There is an amazing new cleaning solution that is so incredible it's had to remain a secret until now. The amazing new Rainbowclean cleans absolutely everything; floors, toilets, sinks, walls, computers, desks, carpets, upholstered furniture, glass, wood, concrete, vinyl, rubber. There is nothing the Rainbowclean doesnt get spotlessly clean.

The real magic is how well it cleans and how little you need. One five litre container of Rainbowclean creates six hundred 600ml spray bottles of diluted cleaning fluid.

Rainbowclean contains no soap or detergents. It produces a clean shine on all surfaces and it costs only 9p per 750ml spray bottle.

If you wash your hair in the shower, but don't rinse the soap out, your hair will become very dirty very quickly. It's the same with conventional cleaning solutions. They contain soap. Using the same cleaning solutions on the same surfaces every time you clean leaves soap residue on those surfaces. All surfaces have thousands of microscopic scratches which harbour these soap residues. This is why surfaces get dirtier quicker and why surfaces require a greater degree of intensive cleaning. A cleaner using conventional cleaning solutions is effectively creating more work for themselves.

Rainbowclean is the only cleaning solution which contains no soap. It removes all prior soap residue and leaves the surface the day it was manufactured, sparkling, clean and streak free. Furthermore using Rainbowclean everytime you clean makes each clean easier and less labour intensive.