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Challenging industry accepted practices and procedures to come up with innovative and creative solutions for our Clients

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The Team

We have an intelligent, hard working and dedicated team of people who between them posess a great set of skill's that enable us to deliver the highest levels of Customer service whilst at the same time deliver reductions in costs.

Just some of our team:

John is Managing Director and Director of Creativity and Innovation; he is also the majority shareholder of Pure Air Cleaning; he has been in the cleaning industry since 1987. John is very passionate about his business and making sure he delivers what he promises but he has come to realise that there are roles which other people can do better than him so he's learnt to delegate. John's priority has been to build a management team who share the same core beliefs and passion as him to ensure the services we deliver go beyond our Clients expectations. 

Simon is the Companys Operations Director and Environmental Director. Simon has spent the past 14 years managing cleaning and housekeeping services to some of the largest hotel chains and Cinema exhibitors in America. Simon displays obsessive dedication towards attention to detail but is also a great people person. He enthuses and encourages people to constantly look to improve and give their best. Whilst delivering the results Simon's other passion is the Environment; he is very pro-active in ensuring that all our activities have minimal impact on the local and wider environment. Simon is driving forward our program of being one of the UK's most environmentally friendly contract cleaning companies.

Ryan is our Special Projects and I.T. Development Manager who is continually developing and improving the companys bespoke kpi dashboard monitoring, vehicle tracking and time and attendance software program's which are bespoke to each site we clean.

Jane our Quality Director is always visiting our Clients premises to ensure we are delivering the quality we've promised. Jane reports directly to the company's Directors, she's their eyes and ears on the ground. Her attention to detail is excellent and most often picks up on small quality issues before the Client sees them.

Nick is our Director of Implementation and Health & Safety Director. When not implementing new innovations, protocols and procedures Nick ensures the company is fully compliant with all matters relating to Health & Safety. Nick's view is that it's not just about compliance, its about going beyond simply compliance to make sure all our activities are safe for our employees, our clients and the wider public.

Ian is Senior Contracts Manager and Manager of Carpet & Upholstery Care. Ian has more than a decade's experience in the commercial cleaning of carpets and upholstery. He know's how best to clean different carpets and upholstered furniture in different environments. Ian is also very good with managing the front line delivery of the service. Making sure our operatives are wearing cleaned and ironed uniforms, that they turn up on time and have the right equipment to do their job.

Charles is a passionate and hard working Contracts Manager. Charles has overseen the delivery of over a million contract cleaning hours in the past five years. He works very hard and never clocks off until the job is done. Charles has a really likeable personality and really ensures our Clients are happy with the job we do. Charles's job is to also ensure that all our activities have minimal impact on our local and wider environment. He understands the need to fully investigate all our suppliers activities to ensure all the products we buy have been manufactured in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.

We have other just as important members of our management team who are dedicated, hard working individuals whose primary purpose is to ensure our clients are entirely satisfied with the services we deliver.