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Challenging industry accepted practices and procedures to come up with innovative and creative solutions for our Clients

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The Directors and Senior Management of Pure Air Cleaning have a diverse range of expertise, from managing the cleaning of concert venues, multiplex cinemas, casinos and nightclubs to office buildings, schools, colleges and military installations. Passion and a commitment to exceed Clients expectations are at the heart of the Directors and Management of Pure Air Cleaning.

Pure Air Cleaning delivers a service that is better than our competitors at a price that is cheaper than our competitors. We do this by continuously exploring new and innovative ways to increase efficiencies and drive down costs whilst at the same time improve the service our Clients receive. We regularly examine all the core activities within our business to drive forward continuous improvement.

We have developed a unique set of protocols and procedures, systems and processes which enable us to deliver a high degree of efficiency and significant cost savings.



Our intelligent software program's seamlessly integrate our time management, vehicle tracking, quality control and online dashboard reporting systems, enabling us to have a continuous clear picture of all our activities at every site, all the time.

We continue to invest significant resources in research and development to come up with new ways to improve our service and reduce our operating costs. We also look at what new innovations are being discovered in other countries around the world.

It is important to the future of our business that we spend valuable time researching new ways to clean and new ways to manage and report our cleaning and business activities so that we continue to be relevant in our industry and continue to be a preferred cleaning contractor to our Clients.